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You can design, create and order your Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria apparel and accessories here.

Have a great idea?  You can upload and use your own images!

Additionally, the following merchandise is available from the Club, and you can pay your membership fees, too...

Guzziology by Dave Richardson.

Dave retired last year so there may not be any more updates to Guzziology.  It's also reached the limits of the available binders.

Get yours now!

20th anniversary edition (V8.3, 2015) now in stock!

$130 + $15postage.
Stainless choke flip

CNC machined stainless steel choke flips, complete with Guzzi eagle logo.
Vinyl window or helmet sticker$2
Postage: $15 regardless of quantity, except for stickers - free!
Payment Details
Moto Guzzi introduced electronic ignition to replace points years ago.  Moto Guzzi introduced electronic fuel injection to replace carburetors in 1995.

And now, in this spirit of change and modernity…the Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria introduces….Electronic Banking!

Yes, now those computer-literate types amongst you can pay membership renewals and merchandise purchases from the comfort of your desk, electronically.

The Club account details are:

  • Bank:  National Australia Bank
  • BSB:  083 028
  • Account:  025319616

Now, the really important bit...

In the “payment description” detail box, just put your surname.  Nothing more, nothing less, no membership numbers or anything else.  Just your surname.  This is vital so that we know where that payment has come from.

Once you have made a payment electronically, it's just as important to email a payment advice to the membership officer: johnferguson<at>iinet.net.au. 

This needs only be "I've just paid $XX membership-renewal/merchandise order" or whatever.

Alternatively, for the computer challenged, drop into your nearest National Australia Bank with the club account details and get the teller to do it. 

But still send the email!
Or write with cheque/money order to:

Moto Guzzi Club of Victoria
P.O. Box 340
Deepdene Mail Centre, Victoria.  3103